How Do Top Seo Services Develop An Effective Search Engine Optimization Strategy?

Search engine optimization (SEO) may look like alchemy to the uninitiated. You must realize that there is a science to it and top SEO services like Driven Web Services employ the right method of approach to help a business reach on top of search engine result pages. Many people depend on do-it-yourself methods to achieve higher search rankings and they often fail to get the expected results. Implementing the most effective and updated SEO strategies definitely demands excellent skills and expertise and, if you do not have clear cut idea about the technological aspects involved with search engine optimization, you cannot achieve higher rankings.

Search engine optimization – Lifeblood of online marketing

It can be said without an iota of doubt that online business world has become fiercely competitive and a small mistake can invite irreparable damage to the reputation of your business. SEO is the lifeblood of online business world and your business is not going survive if you do not implement innovative and creative SEO strategies. Reliable SEO companies like Driven Web services design a fully customized and dynamic search engine optimization strategy that goes well with the unique requirements of each client and such a method of approach leads to increased traffic and better sales conversions.

Search engines – The librarians

Search engines are the librarians of the internet. A secret recipe can always be associated with each search engine and it is called algorithms. Algorithms convert useful information into search results and the secret to achieve higher ranking is to make sure that your website contains all ingredients that search engines need for their recipes. This process can be described as SEO and accomplished web design and SEO service providers take care of all these important aspects with the much needed accountability and commitment.

Content is the king

When you analyze different SEO success factors, you can come to the conclusion that content is the king. Leading SEO consultants get your content right and they help you develop innovative and updated content on a regular basis. When you keep on developing and posting superior content, you are creating a good reason for people to spend more than a few seconds reading your pages and, it can be said without an iota of doubt that innovative, updated and unique content offer real value to the visitors.

Keyword optimization and vertical contents Two prominent components of SEO

Reliable SEO agencies like Driven Web services focus hard on keyword research and they offer a result oriented keyword optimization strategy to influence leading search engines in the best possible manner. Skilled SEO experts help you identify the most suitable keywords that you want a page to be found for and they utilize these words naturally in the content to catch the attention of the search engines. Accomplished web design professionals also ensure that your web page contains local information, images, videos, news and other vertical contents and, this method of approach enhances your online visibility effectively.

Site architecture is a vital component

Your SEO success depends heavily on the architecture of your site and the correct site structure makes your SEO efforts result oriented. Search engines ‘crawl websites in a fast manner; going from one page to another and they create copies of each page that gets stored in what is called index. The index can be described as a massive book of the web. When your prospects make searches, search engines skim through this large book and they identify the most relevant pages before choosing the best ones to display first. Accomplished SEO companies like Driven Web services always make sure that search engines crawl your web pages easily and they also focus on other vital aspects like site load time, mobile compatibility, and creating suitable URLs containing meaningful keywords. Experienced professionals also make sure that the HTTPS offer a secure and safe connection for the visitors and they focus hard on all site architecture- related aspects to make your SEO journey highly result oriented.

HTML elements are a critical component

HTML is the underlying code used to create web pages and search engines choose the most relevant ranking signals from specific HTML elements. You have to carefully consider all the elements including titles, header tags, structured data and Meta description tags that influence your search engine optimization success and skilled professionals consider all these vital factors while formulating an optimization strategy.

The art of building links with authority sites

Developing a successful link building strategy is not a simple task and proper prominence must be given to the quality of links instead of start worrying about the quantity. The key to success is to generate links form reliable and authoritative sites and, you should also have clear cut idea about how to handle backlinks effectively. Reliable service providers like Driven Web services help you find reliable sites to be partnered with and in such situation, the process of creating good backlinks that generate meaningful traffic becomes hassle free and result oriented.

Other prominent components of SEO – Web analytics, social media and online reputation

Web analytics helps you monitor the progress of your SEO strategy effectively and you should also know how to utilize social media properly to get higher search engine rankings and optimal traffic. That is why search engine optimization experts focus on developing a well thought-out social media marketing strategy (SMM) and they also focus on safeguarding your online reputation with the help of right tools and strategy.


You need to realize that around 80% people rely on internet to make purchase decisions in this digital world and these numbers are increasing in a fast manner. People always click on the results that they come across on top of search engine pages and higher search engine rankings have become the need of the hour. Top SEO companies like Driven Web Services help you achieve high ranking for your website because they have clear cut understanding about different ranking factors and good practices that lead to success with both search engines and searchers as well.

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Learn How to Manage Everyone


A manager has one of the toughest jobs in the planet, the job of managing people. People come in different sizes, shapes and colors. They also come in different characters, tempers and personas so even though the manager might be earning more, they also deal with a lot more issues. One of the kinds of people that must be managed are those who are hard to manage. They give you a headache that turns to a migraine but still that is why they need management.

So how do you manage this challenging subset of the broader employee population? Personalities being variable, individuals need to be managed individually, but there’s still general guidance that can be provided. In that spirit, here are six tips for managing people who are hard to manage.

Accept that management is an inherently complex and difficult job – Don’t fight it. Don’t waste time and valuable mental energy wishing it weren’t so. Recognize that frustrations and difficult situations go with the territory of management. That’s why you’re being compensated more than if you weren’t in management.   Approach delicate employee “issues” positively, like an intriguing puzzle to solve.

Don’t avoid or bulldoze conflict, but deal with it directly and evenhandedly – Conflict is the currency of management. If you abhor conflict, management likely isn’t the right job for you. The best managers aren’t “conflict avoiders,” but neither do they pull rank and roll right over others when conflicts occurs. Remember, you’re going to have to continue work with these same people in the future. Best to look for fair constructive resolutions, not simply “getting your way.”

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A good manager will hire someone so long as they are qualified even if the person is more qualified than them. The question is how do you manage someone who is already smarter than you? Well for starters you can consult your fellow managers and then also try to get more information.

Seek counsel

Consider reaching out to other managers who may have experienced similar challenges. “Talking to peers, coaches, and mentors about your feelings and fears of inadequacy” will help you feel less alone and may also give you ideas on how to handle the situation, says Wallace. A candid conversation with your manager might also be worthwhile, according to Schwarz. “Share your concerns and ask what led him or her to select you for the role and what you bring to it,” he says. This isn’t “fishing for compliments,” he adds. “There’s nothing wrong with asking for reassurance,” and the answers “will give you insight into your strengths and the development needs of your reports.”

Get informed

In yesterday’s organization, the boss was the teacher and the employees were there to learn and do as they were told. Today, “learning is a two-way street,” says Schwarz. Tell your direct reports that you want to learn from them and then be deliberate about “creating opportunities to make that happen,” he says. “You don’t need to become a technical expert, but you do need to know enough about the details to know where the problems lie,” adds Wallace. She suggests shadowing team members for a day or even for a couple of hours and “asking a lot of dumb questions.” Find out what worries them, where they get stuck, and from whom they could use input. “Get insight into what your people do,” she says. “It’s enormously motivating for employees.”

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You do not have to feel like you are walking on egg shells. Do what you must but do remember that management is an art and it must be done well. Some managers share how they have been doing it successfully.

  1. Dr. Shieh’s Clinic & Associates

Entrepreneur: Thomas Shieh, MD, FACOG

Headquarters: Tamuning, Guam

Patients first, and take care of your staff. I found that if we put patients first, they will be always loyal to you and the care you provide them will be a bilateral relationship.

  1. Blake’s All Natural Foods

Entrepreneur: Chris Licata

Headquarters: Concord, N.H.

The best advice I have received and believe in is to hire great people, share your vision for the company, provide clear direction and expectations, then get out of the way so they can do their best work. Always be available to support each person on your team but encourage autonomy, creativity and risk-taking. Rehabilitate all micro managers……or replace them if you can’t save them……because they will kill all autonomy, creativity and risk-taking and force your best people to leave.

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